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Management of Technology (MOT)

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The standard of Japanese science infrastructure remains high at the second place worldwide. However, the nation's ability to manage science is relatively low compared to the other developed countries, placing at 30th. Thus, Japan surely has an ability to generate science and technology, but the ability for technology still needs to be improved. It is necessary to cultivate human resources that are able to create market from new technologies, as well as creating new technologies from the changes in market.

Thus, the popularity of MOT has been widely recognized. MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) and METI (Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry) have been encouraging the establishment of MOT graduate school. In Europe and the United Stated, the importance of MOT has been recognized for more than 10 years. Especially in the Stated, there are more than 160 universities of MOT, and the total number of the student graduating MOT course exceeds 10,000.
In Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT), a graduate school of Innovation Management has started in 2005. In this graduate school, the educational approach towards MOT is unique due to the 3 following characteristics.

* Teaching methodology
In MBA (Master of Business Administrations), the education mainly focuses on teaching the management tools. On the other hand, MOT emphasizes on the importance of education based on case-study. Today, the technological improvement is so fast that it is necessary to have enough knowledge on technological background and the social effect caused by the technological improvement to make accurate management decisions. Therefore, in TIT's MOT, the course is based case-study made from the on-going themes in the real world's market, which changes dynamically as the market changes. Thus, the materials used in MOT can be regarded as "Perishable Foods".
* Field
There are basically two types for business based on technology of infrastructure and venture business. So far, most of the discussions for technological innovation are based on venture businesses. It is surely important to focus on those businesses, as they play crucial role in the modern market. However, TIT's MOT also focuses on infrastructure businesses as well. Since, the social effect of those businesses' activities is so big, MOT strategies for such businesses are very important.

* Cultural Interactions
As businesses globalize, it is necessary to consider MOT strategies that are modified for each area especially for Asian countries. Since Asian countries show great improve in their economies, it is important to consider strategies based on each different culture. TIT's MOT emphasizes the importance of cultural diversity. Group activities for foreign students and local students in the same team called "pairing activity" can be regarded as a typical example of cultural interaction.

MOT education for engineers plays crucial role for the nations' economical improvement. Mori laboratory aims to turn out human resources that are able to lead the society with technology and MOT strategies with the program proposed so far.

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