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Research and Academic Activities

Professor Mori proposed the concept of Autonomous Decentralized Systems(ADS) in 1977. In 1979, he started the process of applying for patents in Japan, Europe and USA. He wrote more than 350 patents. From 1980, products based on this concept have being developed. Today, the system is widely adopted in many large applications. Some of the major examples are; Japan Railway(JR) EAST's Autonomous Decentralized Transport Operation System(ATOS) and Factory Automation System and Steel Production System. He is a fellow of IEEE.

After getting recognition as a new technology, ADS is fast becoming a de facto standard for the new products. He is also involved in the standardization of this technology.

From 1997, he has joined Tokyo Institute of Technology. He is attached to many Research and Standardization activities, such as:

■ International Symposium