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       Advanced Professional Course – (1)
― Technology Research / Development and Business under Globalization ―  

 Japanese industry with superiority of element technology and excellent quality are lagging far behind in global competitiveness in creating new technologies and new markets. Under this global market situation, it is urgent to fundamentally convert the traditional thinking on technology research, development, management and marketing, and make efforts to create new ones.
 In recent years, research and development of technology have been focusing on specialized and subdivided target, resulting in its rigid process. Then, its process made it so tough to meet the needs of unpredictable and rapid change of social economy. As a consequence, the technology has been inconsistent with the business. Nowadays, sustainable technology and business corresponding to the constantly changing need of society and economy are urgently requested.
 Under globalization "Innovation of sustainable technology business" should be accomplished through the collaboration among the heterogeneous organizations of government, industry and university. Advanced Professional Course in Waseda University. The promoters of this course are: Etsuhiko Shoyama (Advisor, Hitachi, Ltd.), 小縣方樹(Vice Chairman, East Japan Railway Company), Shohei Kimura (Chairman of the Board, Secom Co., Ltd.), Katsuhiko Shirai (Chairman, University of the Open University & former president, Waseda University), and the founder: Kinji Mori (Professor, Waseda University & Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology).
 This course has two aspects. The first is that various originally-developed case studies are provided based on lectures and fieldworks in cooperation with industry, government and academia. The second aspect is that this course makes the real practical problem solving and concept creation technology and business by themselves and by mutual cooperation with participants from different industries and a variety of specialized fields through practical orientation. This course is aimed at encouraging the development of business and technology research in a globalized environment, promoting the development of human resources, and strengthening interpersonal relationships.

 1. Trend of innovation
 The innovation has been driven by the superior technology in recent years, while the innovation has been gradually motivated on the basis of the social and cultural factors.
 This trend of the innovation has been accelerated with. The more sophisticated the technology, the more diversified global society.
 Under these circumstances, it is essential to make the technology research and development on the basis of technology and business concept. New things and systems created from that business vision, emanate significant innovation. The advanced professional course of Waseda University has a clear target of innovation through concept-oriented business and technology inducing the chain of technology and market.

 2. Characteristics
 In the context of unpredictable change of global social economy, it has become essential to propose "technology concept" and the underlying "business vision" in order to achieve sustainable technology research and development and commercialization. With infrastructure unperturbed to change, through the operation of the tireless service and daily production, gradually there is a chain of technology and market (product, use of the service) evolved from the leader companies. This chain has something special for those problems which cannot be handled by the existing established technology research and development and business strategy. It is neither the market analysis, nor individual company efforts and companies coalition based on it. However, the core of this chain is its multiple-industry cooperation and the user coalition.
 Under such a circumstance, The features of this course can be described as the following two points.
 (1)Based on business vision and technology concept, practical research on cases which implement the chain of technology and market (case study)
 (2) Using the real business case, to practice how to found and innovate a chain of technology and market (workshop)
 It should be noted that these case studies and the workshop obey NDA (nondisclosure agreement).

 3. Students
 This course has the objectives to cultivate creativity, executive power, and leadership of the students through among the diversified students of government, industry and academia. Accordingly, the students should fulfill the following:
 (1) Students should be the core talent between 30-40 years old and expected to be engaged in global corporate activities.
 (2) Recommended from the affiliation.

Course Participant List

Prospectus Course Paticipant List

Waseda University
Advanced Professional Course – (2)
― Global Infrastructure Project Education(GIPE)―

 Globalization has been promoted through communication, logistics and transportation in the world. These global trends have been removing the limitation of time and space in the human activities. While the demand of global supporting the human activities infrastructure are increasing globally, it is difficult for Japanese companies to be dominant in the global markets. The main reason is that the infrastructure business from Japan cannot sufficiently be met with the request of the customers.
 The global market can be expanded not only by the competition of technology but also by the operation and management.
 The difficulties in the global market are: (1) technological knowledges and sales experiences are not sufficient but proposal acceptable for local market; (2) local market knowledges and sales experiences are not sufficient but proposal for technological knowledges and sales experiences for local market. Therefore under these problems, it is highly urgent to cultivate the human for coordination among all three aspects: technology, management, and local needs.
 For this reason, Advanced Professional Course (2) – Global Infrastructure Project Education in Waseda University is formed as a one-year course including the field works for professionals including government, industries, operator and trading companies and consultant.

 This advanced professional course is formed as ALL JAPAN educational consortium nurturing talented youngsters with a joint of industry and trading company. The course has three features: government at field work – problem finding, problem solving in the real field; fundamental theoretical studies including basic skills in infrastructure system and management, concepts of sustainable development and strategy and alliance.
 As the center/core of global business, a wide range of abilities are demanded correspondently in terms of infrastructure system: planning, implementation, operation, maintenance, management and service.
 This Advanced Professional Course as Global Infrastructure Project Education combines education from Waseda University and overseas practice tours.

 2.Education Policy
 This course aims at nurturing capable human resource in promoting concrete business plans in overseas markets and achieve business management in case of global/local markets.
 As the first period within two terms (2015.9 – 2016.7, 2016.9 – 2017.7) in two years, this course will achieve highly rewarded business creation in the railway overseas market.

 Under the unexpectedly changing global economy environment, in order to achieve a sustainable technology and business research and development, it has been essential to value the underlying “business vision” and “technology concept”. With the stable/consistent base, the evidence of a leader business is to create a sustainable chain of technology and market. This chain cannot be achieved by the past/out-of-date technology research and development and business strategy but only a brand new concept. This innovative new system and business consists of profound market analysis, the base of coalition between companies from different fields rather than only one company or companies from the same field, and the most important consideration and communication with the users.
 With this background, there are two major characteristics of this course:
  (1)Companies in different fields related to the same topic.
  (2)Theoretical education combined with practice education.
 (3)Global/ Infrastructure/ Business/ Leadership
 (4)Business Global Human network.

 Course participants: 10 students/year
 Fields: government, manufacturer, operator, trading company and consultant, public railway company, vehicle manufacturer, traffic light manufacturer, trading companies.
 Qualification: with more than 10 years experiences in the infrastructure business and technology fields.

Course Participant List